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Problems in facebook

Problems in facebook

Estamos en problemas en facebook, pero momentáneo
We are in trouble on facebook, but Momentary
let your like on facebook in the right section of the pageh

domingo, 22 de maio de 2016


Thank you for support, Soul of Gold achieved more than 60 million views, if we get 1% of signatures that, I assure you that Lost Canvas will return in TMS or other studio

Thanks, Athena hold on ... we are coming, our opponents say they we not know to give up and we are mere bronze saints ... and thats why they admire us so much.
4,000 signs

Give your like on facebook.com/lostcanvasreturn

Obrigado por apoiar, Soul of Gold conseguiu mais de 60 milhões de views, se conseguirmos 1 % em assinaturas disso , eu lhe garanto que Lost canvas irá voltar na TMS ou outro estudio

Obrigado, Athena segure firme...estamos chegando, nossos adversarios dizem que não sabemos desistir e somos meros cavaleiros de bronze... e por isso nos admiram tanto.
4.000 signs.

Deixe o seu like em facebook.com/lostcanvasreturn
Gracias por el apoyo, Alma de oro alcanzó más de 60 millones de visitas, si obtenemos un 1% de las firmas que, les aseguro que Lost Canvas volverá en el TMS u otro estudio

Gracias, Athena mano de la ... estamos llegando, nuestros oponentes dicen que saben que no deben darse por vencido y que no son más santos de bronce ... y por lo tanto admiramos a nosotros.
4.000 muestras.

Deja tu como en facebook.com/lostcanvasreturn

Je vous remercie pour le soutien, Soul of Gold a réalisé plus de 60 millions de vues, si nous obtenons 1% des signatures, je vous assure que Lost Canvas sera de retour dans TMS ou autre studio

Merci, Athena tenir sur ... nous arrivons, nos adversaires disent qu'ils savent ne pas abandonner et nous sommes de simples saints de bronze ... et admirez tant.
4000 signes.

Laissez votre comme dans facebook.com/lostcanvasreturn
私たちは、私はあなたを保証LOST CANVASはTMSまたは他のスタジオに戻ることを署名の1%を取得した場合にサポートしていただきありがとうございます、ゴールドの魂は、6000万以上のビューを達成しました



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Best Comments #5

Best Comments #5
Let your comment in

Morgan Velly, FRANCE
"Saint Seiya LoS SS is the best series of all times.
OK, the Original One can not be forgotten but ... We need something to celebrate
and finish the work done with the first two seasons. It must be done so like Shia
LaBoeuf said: "Just DO IT!" : D"

Best Comments #4

Best Comments #4
Leave your comment to in
Ulrich Tao,Lille, France
"because it is the best series in the world !!!!!"

Best Comments #3

Best Comments #3
Leave your comment in petition comment section

"I really loved the animated series and I really find it unfortunate to have
arrested like that right in suspense!
I want To see the best one "episode" of the series Saint Seiya!"

segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

Partnership until the end - Parcerias até o Fim

Partnership until the end - Parcerias até o Fim

Mais uma parceria a caminho, com a pagina de fans de lost canvas, qualquer ajuda é bem vinda para manter o sonho vivo, agradecemos profundamente todas as paginas que já aderiram e continuamos a trabalhar em torno dos fans.
O Show deve continuar !!
Otra asociación camino con la página de fans de Lost Canvas, cualquier ayuda es bienvenida para mantener vivo el sueño, apreciar profundamente todas las páginas que se han unido y seguir trabajando en torno a los aficionados.
El espectáculo debe continuar !!
Another way partnership with the page of fans of lost canvas, any help is welcome to keep the dream alive, deeply appreciate all pages that have joined and continue to work around the fans.
The show must go on !!
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LF-Lost-canvas-forever-467906153253447/

domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

Nova Parceria - New Partnership

Tornamos oficial a parceria com a facebook page "Saint Seiya Deusa Athena e Cia" do Brasil que também contribuirá e apoiará a petição com seus posts. Olhamos com alegria a todas as paginas de animes do mundo que se juntaram a nós para um propósito comum
Convertido en sociedad oficial con la página de facebook "Saint Seiya diosa Atenea y Co" en Brasil y también ayudará a apoyar la petición con sus mensajes. Vemos con alegría con todas las páginas de anime del mundo que se unieron a nosotros para un proposito usual
Become official partnership with the facebook page "Saint Seiya Goddess Athena and Co." in Brazil will also help and support the petition with your posts. We look with joy with all the anime pages of the world who joined us for an usual purpose
Devenir partenariat officiel avec la page facebook "Seiya Déesse Athena Saint and Co." au Brésil sera également aider et soutenir la pétition avec vos messages. Nous attendons avec joie avec toutes les pages de dessins animés du monde qui nous ont rejoint dans un but habituel

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/atenaecia/

sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2016

Best Comments #2

Best Comments #2
Let your Comment in the petition page
Lost Canvas Return Petition

..."The Lost Canvas is by far the closest to the original work, in concept
plot and presentation of the characters, showing the twelve Gold Saints
playing also honored roles, without being ridiculed
misconduct / or low power, or shaded by the fame of characters
popular. It would be the realization of a dream, in 2016, being awarded the
news story completion in anime."...

Best Comments #1

Best Comments #1
Let your comment in the petition page
Lostcanvas Return petition

..."Still continue to make money on the "brand" The lost canvas, The myth that the anime is not popular in Japan continues, the dossier will be indexed on the reviews of Japanese anime, wait in breve.Tudo starting MUST have an end .
Despite rumors (problems with rights? Low ratings / financial return?) That have never been officially confirmed, the legion of fans who expressed their desire for the third season of the anime can not and should not be ignored. Even nearly five years after the break, EVEN thousands of fans wanting to finish the series. Greedy. Thirsty. Full of hope.
If a particular producer has no interest in doing so, that at least she ALLOW others do. After all, the universe of Saint Seiya was not built without the support of the fans. That's what we're talking about: purpose ... ... motivation and determination. Features that fans of the original work of Kurumada and its developments have always shown ... and so continue.
By the turn and finishing The Lost Canvas. Because everything starts MUST have an end."

Still making money with Lost Canvas in Japan 2016

They still making money in japan with Brand Lost Canvas, The myth that the anime is not popular in Japan continues in the dossier, reviews of Japanese anime will be indexed on, wait soon.

Ainda continuam a fazer dinheiro com a "marca" The lost canvas, O mito de que o anime não é popular no japão continua, no dossie, será indexada reviews de japoneses sobre o anime, aguardem em breve.

Todavía continúan haciendo dinero en la "marca" El lienzo perdido, El mito de que el anime no es popular en Japón continúa, el expediente será indexada en las críticas de anime japonés, espera pronto.


domingo, 8 de maio de 2016

Official documents of TMS-Sammy Sega Dossier

Official documents of TMS-Sammy Sega Dossier

Em breve, dossiê completo sobre o cancelamento da serie The lost canvas com DOCUMENTOS OFICIAIS da empresa TMS entertainment subsidiaria do grupo Sammy Sega Holding.
Junto de analise e desmitificação sobre polemicas e pontos que são improvaveis.

Soon, full dossier on the cancellation of the series The lost canvas with company OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS TMS entertainment subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holding group.
Along analysis and demystification of polemics and points that are improbable.
In Soon

Pronto, un expediente completo sobre la cancelación de la serie The Lost Canvas con el funcionario de la compañía subsidiaria DOCUMENTOS TMS Entertainment del grupo Sega Sammy Holding.
A lo largo de análisis y desmitificación de las polémicas y los puntos que son improbables.

Bientôt, dossier complet sur l'annulation de la série The Lost Canvas avec la société DOCUMENTS OFFICIELS TMS filiale entertainment du groupe Sega Sammy Holding.
Le long de l'analyse et de démystification des polémiques et des points qui sont improbables.

Ben presto, piena dossier sulla cancellazione della serie La tela persi con funzionario della compagnia DOCUMENTI TMS Entertainment filiale del gruppo Sega Sammy Holding.
Lungo l'analisi e la demistificazione del polemiche e punti che sono improbabili.

Sim, Iremos trazer Lost Canvas de volta
Sì, Porteremo indietro Lost Canvas
Oui, nous allons ramener Lost Canvas
Yes, We will bring back Lost Canvas

Partnership = Parceria

Fechamos a parceria com o fã site Brasileiro Saint Seiya Universo dos Zodiacos, o parceiro irá fazer postagens no facebook e ainda disponibilizou em seu site um banner da petição, olhamos com entusiamo mais e mais parcerias sendo feitas com diversos sites,blogs,facebook pages de animes do mundo todo

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/universodoszodiacos/
Site: http://www.universodoszodiacos.esy.es/

We made a partnership with the Brazilian fan site Saint Seiya universe of Zodiacs, the partner will make posts on facebook and also made available on its website a banner of the application, we look with entusiams more and more partnerships being made with various websites, blogs, facebook pages of animes worldwide.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/universodoszodiacos/
Site: http://www.universodoszodiacos.esy.es/

Estrecha asociación con el sitio de fans de Saint Seiya universo Brasileña de Zodiacs, la pareja hará que los mensajes en facebook y también publicado en su página web un banner de la aplicación, miramos con entusiamos más y más asociaciones que se están realizando con varios sitios web, blogs, páginas de facebook de animes de todo el mundo

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/universodoszodiacos/
Sitio: http://www.universodoszodiacos.esy.es/



Un partenariat étroit avec le Brésilien site de fan Saint Seiya univers de Zodiacs, le partenaire fera messages sur facebook et également mis à disposition sur son site Web une bannière de l'application, nous regardons avec entusiams de plus en plus de partenariats en cours avec divers sites Web, blogs, pages facebook de animes dans le monde entier

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/universodoszodiacos/
Site: http://www.universodoszodiacos.esy.es/

Sign Here - Assine Aqui - Signez - Firma

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