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Best Comments #1

Best Comments #1
Let your comment in the petition page
Lostcanvas Return petition

..."Still continue to make money on the "brand" The lost canvas, The myth that the anime is not popular in Japan continues, the dossier will be indexed on the reviews of Japanese anime, wait in breve.Tudo starting MUST have an end .
Despite rumors (problems with rights? Low ratings / financial return?) That have never been officially confirmed, the legion of fans who expressed their desire for the third season of the anime can not and should not be ignored. Even nearly five years after the break, EVEN thousands of fans wanting to finish the series. Greedy. Thirsty. Full of hope.
If a particular producer has no interest in doing so, that at least she ALLOW others do. After all, the universe of Saint Seiya was not built without the support of the fans. That's what we're talking about: purpose ... ... motivation and determination. Features that fans of the original work of Kurumada and its developments have always shown ... and so continue.
By the turn and finishing The Lost Canvas. Because everything starts MUST have an end."

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