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The myth of the unpopularity of the Lost Canvas series in Japan ! English

The myth of the unpopularity of the Lost Canvas series in Japan ! English

One of the possible theses of unofficial cancellation Lost Canvas is the lack of popularity in Japan, we at Lost Canvas Return Team will demystify this theory with document based of TMS, projects and reviews on sites about Japanese Anime.

Notoriously the flagship of TMS Productions are the anime Lupin The Third and Detective Conan, but are far from unanimous in Japan, its largest fan base is in Italy, the Middle East and North America, more specifically in the United States, are high cost of production, and Conan Detective already surpassed the 20 films with the penultimate broadcast in full japan cinemas and its release made in the Philippines, but all this is still below what we know with an extremely popular anime, has good recipes in the movies, but a weak popularity, below expectations when we compare the loyalty of fans to the franchise Saint Seiya, advertising videos on youtube barely reach 10 thousand views. Follow launch Document advisory TMS Press

Lupin the Third has similar phenomenon, has released Live Action, has been in music lyrics  Kanye West, but in Japan, is still far away from the biggest franchises, has its largest audience focused on North America and Europe and comes not be 1/4 size fanaticism of the fans of the franchise Saint Seiya, the greater reflection of this is the financial crisis that TMS have, but still recovering, on youtube, the views of number series does not seem to be so hard with all his videos already raised the over 2 years bordering the 20,000 views.

All Out is the new bet of TMS, a fully focused anime in Rugby, but for a country with little tradition in this sport, is just a hint that the focus of TMS is not just popularity in Japan, to date the greatest achievement of Japan in sport were the three victories in world cup of rugby, the sport's popularity remains well behind the Football and Baseball.

Reviews on The Lost Canvas
The reviews on anime lost canvas, are favorable not only outside of Japan, but also inside.
Many Japanese also praise the freshness of ideas in the saga of the lost canvas, there is acceptance by a large majority, the older fans and recent.
The brand-products, do not stop selling in Japan, Action Figures on the spin-off are rare and even after almost seven years, the demand continues to grow in the land of the rising sun.

The myth of lost canvas have been canceled because of not having popularity in Japan is a myth and the evidence above indicate only an intervention to the cancellation of Lost Canvas.

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