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E dai - Around the World #19

E dai - Around the World #19

The Brazilian Website E Dai, made a article about the worldwide petition


Imperial Geek - Around the globe #18

Imperial Geek - Around the globe #18

The Brazilian Imperial Geek website made a article about the petition


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Best Comments #19

"After Classic Saint Seiya, Lost Canvas was the Best, Washing the honor of golden knights"
Guilherme Bento
Sabará, Brazil

"Because I can Understand that Felling"
Harris Tanh
Kuala Lumpur, Malasia

"I am for the continuation of the animated series of Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas until the end of the story."
Caroline Sanna

Best Comments #18

"Because its a very good Anime ! Growth, growth Cosmo Higher !"
Alan Barros, Porto Alegre, Brazil

"I felt in love with this anime because of moral values they show"
Freddy Martinez
Lima, Peru

----> Us of Lost Canvas Team, think the same<-----

"I'm here in the fight with my more than 7 thousand friends so we get the chance to see a decent finale to Lost Canvas, a project so cool can not be abandoned like this, even more so that it's about Saint Seiya, an anime that taught so much, Who shaped so much mind for good. So let's join forces and fight to the end to win this battle."
Ricardo Rodrigues
Riacho Fundo2, Brazil

---->Beautifull Comment<---

"My Cosmo Still Burn for Lost Canvas"
Wellington Douglas
Teresina, Brazil

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Record Broke for Lost Canvas - Recorde Quebrado para Lost Canvas

 Conseguimos bater o recorde de petição para a volta de Lost Canvas, são quase 7 mil assinaturas de todos os lugares do mundo, uma promessa que a equipe Lost Canvas Return fez é que a petição seria contínua e esta promessa não será quebrada.
We managed to beat the petition record for the return of Lost Canvas, there are almost 7,000 signatures from all over the world, a promise that the Lost Canvas Return team made is that the petition would be continuous and this promise will not be broken.
Thank you
Nos las arreglamos para vencer a la petición de registro para el regreso de Lost Canvas son casi 7000 firmas de todo el mundo, una promesa de que el equipo perdió la lona Volver hecho es que la aplicación sería continua y esta promesa no se rompen.
我々は、世界中からほぼ7000の署名がなさLOST CANVASリターンチームは、アプリケーションが連続的であるということである約束とこの約束が破られることはありませんされているロストキャンバスの復帰のための記録的請願を打つことができました。

More news always in lostcanvasreturn.blogspot.com

Sign Here - Assine Aqui - Signez - Firma

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