sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

Best Comments #22

"I love so much Lost Canvas"
Kyo Alberto Ortiz, Mexico

"The Lost Canvas gave honor to this history, was really unique and had greatness. Deserves another season with a good ending. I really saw how much people around the world love The Lost Canvas and have faith to see animated of this anime who gave in our hearts pride and hope in this 30 years."
Leonardo Araujo, Brazil

"I really thought very gratifying The Lost Canvas from the original series Knights of Zodiac, and I would like to have another animated chapter, I vote yes for the return, and hope we get it this 10.000 signatures to continue love this series"
Thank You Mateus
Mateus Nascimento, Brazil

"The Lost canvas bleed"
Sirine Jaquel, France

Best Comments #21

parce que le cosmos est immortel Brûle mon cosmos !!
"Because the cosmos is immortal, Burn my cosmo !!"
Eddy Prave, France

"Falling in Love"
Gabriele Gatti, Italy

"Well this is obvious...I love the series "The Lost Canvas" with every piece of my soul, I've being waiting almost 4 years for a comeback, I really hope, deep in my heart, this bring the series back, because its a amazing history".
Genelle Geona, Panamá

"For everybody who admire this masterpiece, please, sign!
Teshirogi (mangaka author)said 10k is enough to make positive impact, C'mon, Lets Go!"
Iuren Ramiro, Brazil

Best Comments #20

"I am signing post difficult times as a teenager, this series inspired me and helped me to overcome pains and feelings to which the person feels useless"
Adkuesley Ferreira, Brazil

"I want so much Lost Canvas Comeback, please help me"
Andre Campos, Brazil

"This anime was one of the best I ever saw, so much emotions as no other. The Soundtrack is amazing and your character are very deep"
Atzin Tomatluh, Mexico
"Is my only reason for life....hehehehe"
Claudio Verri, Italy

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